How do I invoice?

When you have finished the task, go to --> My Jobs / Invoicing.

There you will see a list of all your tasks with their status and invoice status.

If the task Status is "Waiting for you", this means that the task has not yet been completed. In this case invoice status will be "Please complete the job first". Please go back to your language in the project and apply the "My jobs" or "My Jobs - proofreading" filter. Then finish all strings that are displayed with this filter. (If the filter doesn't show anything and you still see this note, please contact

If the task status is "Done", you can create the invoice by clicking on the blue pencil icon. When creating your first invoice, please make sure to enter all applicable information on the invoice form (including physical address information). When creating further invoices this information will be automatically filled. When you are sure that you have entered the required information, please send the invoice.

When you have created the invoice, invoice status will be "Created". Then please send the invoice, after this status will be "Sent". Your invoice will only be paid if it contains all necessary information and has been sent.

Your invoice will be paid by PayPal usually within 30 days. Please also make sure you have completed the information required on your billing details page.

IMPORTANT: These instructions only concern tasks assigned by Get Localization. If you are working directly for another client on our platform, please refer to their invoicing instructions.

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