I have accepted a professional translation task, what should I do now?

Please click on the link that you find in your confirmation mail. You can find the same link at now.getlocalization.com. This will take you to the project.


When you are on the Project tab, please check if there are specific instructions for the task. There are a few places where you can find instructions:

- Project description below the project name (left of screen)
- Link to project website (below project name)
- Announcements from project owner (to the right, above the project timeline)

Choosing Language

To the left on Project tab you can find a language list. Please click on your target language to get to the editor.

NOTE: Please make sure you click on the correct language and locale! If you are not sure, please check the assignment email. If the assignment is for a language that you don't translate into or you can't find your target language in the project, please contact support at support.getlocalization.com. Don't add languages yourself!


When you are in the editor, please choose "My jobs" or "My Jobs - proofread" filter to only see the strings that have been assigned to you.

NOTE: You are only paid for these strings. You will not be compensated for any other translations, unless otherwise agreed with your project manager. E.g. continuous localization projects might have different routines.

For more information about the editor, please go to https://www.getlocalization.com/docs/user-guide/editor-basics/.

Finishing translation

When you have translated or proofread all strings that have been assigned to you, the Get Localization platform will automatically detect that the task is "Done". You don't have to report this separately to your project manager or mark the task as finished. You can continue working on the strings even after this point (e.g. checking your work). Please let your project manager know if you need an extensive amount of time for this.

The "My jobs" filter might not be visible at this point anymore, but you can use the other filters and searches to see the translations (e.g. Search --> Translator --> enter your username or Filter --> Sort by modified - latest first).

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