I have received an offer for professional translation, what should I do?

When you get an offer for a professional translation task, you should be quick, if you want to be certain to receive the task. Depending on the task the offer might have been sent to other translators too and if you wait too long, someone else might pick it up.

The system will not penalize you in any way for rejecting tasks, so don't hesitate to click Reject if you can't start working on a task. Not replying is also ok, but we appreciate a reply, since that makes our workflow a bit quicker (and will spare you all possible further queries and messages about this task). Offers don't expire unless someone else takes them, so you can try and accept a task even if the message would be a few hours old.

If you want to have more information about the task than what is given in the offer (in the message and the acceptance page), you can send us a message at support.getlocalization.com. Please give the task code (a series of letters and numbers, like "343f9c26d81111e3998522000a4f8caa") as reference.

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