Get Localization Professional Translation Service FAQ

What is Get Localization Go?

Get Localization Go is an easy to use, fully automated ordering system for professional translation. You can use it through the simple landing page or in your Workspace project by clicking "Order Translation" link upper right corner.


How do I use the interface?

Please see here: Step By Step Instructions How To Order Using Get Localization Now 


Who translates my content?

Your content will only be translated professional human translators. We prefer having the same translator translate the whole content if possible. This ensures best possible quality and consistency. 


How do you ensure quality?

1. Our translators are professional translators, thoroughly tested and peer reviewed. Instead of sending jobs to all of our translators (tens of thousands), we assign automatically our jobs to our trusted and best translators. 

2. Even though our translators are fully professional, it's always good to have a proofreading option. You can select the proofreading for every order if you wish. Proofreading means that there's a second translator who reads and verifies that the translation is flawless.

3. We also hope that you can help our translators to deliver best possible quality. We provide a service to communicate directly with your translator. They can ask questions and of course they would love to receive responses from you. These are often context related questions where there are many different alternatives for translation and they are pondering between them. 

4. We measure the feedback all the time. In real-time. After every project, you have possibility to rate us. This information is used to improve our services.

5. We also measure the translation quality ourselves. Our project managers are looking after every project and ensure that the quality meets the requirements. 


How is it possible that your prices are so cheap/high?

Comparing to traditional translation agencies, we think our pricing is very competitive and fair to the industry and customers. We base our pricing on the following principles:

1. We want to compensate translators fairly. This means that our translators are happy and provide quality results. Our translators are highly educated, qualified professionals who deserve fair pay. 

2. Technology has enabled us to build a much more efficient business than it was even possible for a few years ago. This means that we automate everything except the translation work itself. We have a state-of-the-art resource planning, invoicing and project management system that is fully electronic and automatic. This allows us to eliminate expensive overhead where other agencies use human intervention or paper invoices and receipts. By cutting down the overhead, we can bring our prices down and still pay a fair compensation to translators. 


How can I track my order?

You will receive an address to your project tracking portal after a successful order. It will let you see how your project is progressing in real-time. 


My content is very context sensitive, how do I provide context information?

1. Add information into the file itself. Different file formats provide different ways to provide context information, please refer to our file format documentation for further information:

2. You will receive a tracking portal address after your order. This tracking portal allows you to answer to translator's questions, provide additional information and more. 


What are the supported file formats?

We support natively DOCX, XLSX(1), iPhone/OS X strings files, Android strings XML, XLIFF, Java Properties/Language Bundles, YAML (Ruby on Rails flavoured), PHP Arrays, Gettext PO files (.po) and others. Please open a ticket if you are unsure whether we support your file format. 

(1) XLSX is imported fully, i.e. all the cells are marked for translation. If this is a problem, please open a ticket for further assistance.

You can find more information about file formats in our documentation.



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