No TM matches despite successful import

I don't get any errors when importing a TMX file, but I can't see any matches in the project.

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    Get Localization

    Check out this example of a valid TMX file:

    Mostly the reason for this are the language codes. So please check that the TMX file's source language corresponds to your project's master language.


    A translation unit's language in the TMX file can be found within the tuv element:

    <tuv xml:lang="en-US">


    A project's master language is set when uploading the master file(s) and you can check it on the Files tab of your project:



    The target languages are listed on the project front page and on the Files tab.



    Please make sure that both language and locale are correct! If the master language is 'English (United States)', the source language of the TMX file needs to be 'en-US'. E.g. 'en' will not do, as this code corresponds to 'English'. Please note that the language codes are case-sensitive.


    Please also check out the IANA language codes.

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