Step By Step Instructions To Order From Get Localization Go


Click the green "Click here to add files" button or drag your files to the box.


Your file will be analysed and prepared for translation. Please wait, if you have multiple big files, it may take some time so you can safely close the site and come back later. For normal files this takes second or two.


File is ready. You can add new files or continue with order. Word count for each file is visible next to file name.


Scroll down and choose the source language i.e. the language your uploaded files are written. For example if your documents are in English, just keep this in English.



Next click "Translate to following languages". These are the languages your content will be translated to. Just start typing their names or click the field to choose from the list. You can have multiple languages, just add them next to each other.


Next choose the quality level you wish to have. We currently support two quality levels:

Standard - your order will be translated a single translator or if it's huge, we try to make it so that at least every file is translated by same translator. 

Proofreading - your order will be translated as in Standard but also proofread by another translator.




Then continue with the order. You will receive further instructions via e-mail. 


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