"Mark selected for re-translation" does nothing / Import Notifications

When we change existing strings in our language files we get notifications inside the "Files" view of GetLocalisation. Clicking on those shows me those changes, right?

When I now select all of them and then click on "Mark selected for re-translation", how long does it take that those are reflected in the projects?

For example, 2 strings changed, i marked them for retranslation, but languages at 100% are still 100% and show up with "0 untranslated strings". From my understanding those two strings should have been reset for all languages and should be available for re-translation, right?


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    Get Localization

    What the notification actually means is that "The translation was lost because the master string is changed, do you wish to copy the previous translation back to string or mark it for re-translation". When you mark it for re-translation it actually does nothing because it's already marked as such i.e. string is empty. This allows translators to fix them as well.

    So as the string is empty it's shown as untranslated string in the project immediately so it's possible that translators already fixed those strings and translated them for you. (In this case we should remove the notification as it's not relevant anymore but this is a known issue). If you resolve the notifications immediately after the import, this shouldn't be a problem.

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