User Roles

User Roles

Community Member (only in a public project)

Community Members are able to submit translations and vote in public projects. This role is not available in the User Manager as it is the default role for all users. A user with only the Community Member role cannot access a private project.

Translator & Moderator

Translators and Moderators are able to translate and vote in the project. Their translations and votes get by default a higher starting quality score than the translations of Community Members.

These roles should only be assigned to professional translators or trusted members of your community. Please note that in public projects community members can translate but they do not automatically have an assigned role.

Developer & Administrator

Developer and Administrators the ability to update strings, download files, change settings, translate and edit. Also Developer and Admin translations and votes get a higher quality score than those of the Community Members.

Developers and Administrator can also add and remove users using user manager.

You can differentiate between Admins and Developers by requiring that the user has to have at least Admin level rights to add languages to a project.


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