What is a difference between Free and Premium plans?

What is a difference between free and premium plans?

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    Free is meant for developers with non-commercial free/OSS/nonprofit/hobby/not-so-serious-business content, i.e. we want to support community and especially individual developers who are devoting their time to create great stuff for people. 

    Free plan has a few restrictions: project must be public and there's limit of 50.000 words. You may request higher reasonable limit by e-mailing to support. 

    Also some other features are limited or not available such as user manager, visibility and security settings etc.


    Q: My company has an open source product? Am I eligible for free plan?

    A: No, companies are not eligible. 

    Q: I have a free app (which is not open source) and I just do this on my spare time. Am I eligible for free plan?

    A: Yes 

    Q: I have a free non-commercial open source licensed component that is released for the community. Can I get a free plan for this?

    A:  Yes

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