Get Localization for PS Installation failed, escalated privileges required

Please see more information from Adobe support, basically you need to install add-ons as an Administrator. Creative Cloud asks "please click this to continue with installation", if you fail to click that fast disappearing popup, you will receive this error. You need to click that popup and then enter your administration password. 

Unfortunately you need to now remove and install the add-on again. See the instructions below.

Error message

The Add-on failed to install: It requires escalated privileges, click here for more information and try again.

Error Code: -175

You must have administrator access to install Add-ons.

This can happen if you do not have administrator access to install applications on your computer, or if you clicked No or Cancel when asked to enter an administrator password. You must enter your computer's administrator password if it is requested during installation.


Try installing again. To do this, go to My Add-ons, find the add-on, and if it is already installed, first click Remove. Wait two minutes for the removal to complete, then click Install. Click the notification message when it appears. Enter your administrator password if required, and click Yes in the notification dialog.

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